Paceworking is a leading UK business network focusing on promotions, conferences, launches, exhibitions and business networking events. It is also an events consultancy for those wishing to attract interest from professionals, entrepreneurs, charitable organisations and media interest in the UK and internationally.


Paceworking was founded by Seye Aina and commenced as a professional and business network in 2005. It has developed into a prominent network, Conference producer and events consultancy promoting business growth, trade and professional development.


The acronym and mission statement is 'P.A.C.E' - to Promote, Advertise, Connect and Empower through networking. The ‘P.A.C.E’ concept of networking has been introduced to many professionals and organisations.


The Paceworking Objectives are set out below:

PROMOTE and inform others of the positive contribution of your business, profession or charitable organisation.

ADVERTISE a service, business or event and generate more interest by distributing promotional material and exchanging business cards.

CONNECT with like-minded professionals or entrepreneurs and develop valuable social, professional and business links.

•EMPOWER other professionals or organisations and at the same time raise your profile and influence. Motivate others by giving presentations at events and conferences.

NETWORK and make new contacts or clients. Expand your network and find out about latest developments.

Paceworking has organised several events since it commenced in 2005. Apart from Corporate and Business events it organises an Annual Tea Party which aims to support the community. In 2011 and 2012 the Paceworking Tea Party was held to increase the level of awareness of Downs Syndrome, particularly in the African community.

Paceworking events has also been accredited by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority to offer CPD for Legal Conferences and Seminars.

Seye is the recipient of the BON Ambassadors Award for her achievements and work with Paceworking events and for being a key person of influence in the ethnic community.


Seye is also the former host of the Television programme ‘Corporate Insight’, which aired on Sky's Passion TV where she interviewed professional and business leaders.

You can follow Paceworking on Twitter @paceworking and also at Paceworking events on Facebook.



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